Thomas Paine

“My own mind is my own church.”


CFS Fall 2019

Founding Freethinker:  Thomas Paine in Our Age of Un-Reason

Friend to Thomas Jefferson, fiend to most everyone else, Thomas Paine (1737-1809) set a fire under the American Revolution before enflaming another revolution in Religion.  This forgotten founder was also a radical freethinker, raising questions we are still wrestling with today.  

With The Age of Reason as our primary text we will discover the true roots of religious freedom in America and address the persistent myth that the republic was founded on one faith, or faith itself.  

Instructor:  Chris Highland

Week One:  The Forgotten Freethinking Founder

Week Two: The Age of Reason:  Part One

Week Three:  Part One—continued

Week Four:  The Age of Reason:  Part Two

Week Five:  Part Two—continued

Week Six:  Paine in an age of un-reason

Book--Founders-TP copy 2

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